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A field trip to Patagonia

04 October 2017

"nothing beats witnessing the processes with your own eyes" – Julia Kirschner, Sustainability Manager

In order to ensure a strong working relationship with their wool suppliers Armedangels Sustainability Manager, Julia Kirschner, took a trip out to Patagonia to meet the sheep of the deep south. This is an excerpt from those travels…

It was December – the beginning of the shearing season – when Julia landed in Ushuaia. From the southernmost city in the world, she traveled further south to a farm in Patagonia to talk to the Gauchos, shearers and organic farmers. For Julia “seals of approval are a great thing, but nothing beats witnessing the processes with your own eyes”.

As a brand, Armedangels are continually working to know more about their supply chain, and understand where improvements can be made for the animals, the people, and nature. “Sometimes, there are conflicts of interests. We love the challenge of trying to develop new solutions together on-site to make sure everything is economically sustainable. We aim to be as transparent and honest as possible. There is always room for improvement. To us, it is important that our customers know where we stand.”

After spending a few days on the farm, Julia traveled further north, to the city of Trelew. Here she visited the factory that cleans and scours the ‘greasy wool’, a crucial step on the journey that sees the coarse fleece become the soft yarn that’s used in all Armedangels organic wool garments.

Read more about the benefits of wool & how to care for it in our ‘10 Things to Know‘ post, or learn more about Armedangels in our Designer Spotlight series.



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