Armenia Airports

July 2, 2024

Overview of Armenia’s Airports

Armenia has three main airports that cater to both domestic and international flights, facilitating travel and trade connections with various countries worldwide.

Fun Fact

Armenia is known for its picturesque landscapes, including the stunning views of Mount Ararat visible from Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport.

Zvartnots International Airport (EVN)


Zvartnots International Airport, located near Yerevan, is Armenia’s busiest and largest airport. It serves as the primary gateway for international travelers visiting Armenia.

Facilities and Services

  • Terminals: Modern terminals equipped with amenities including duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges.
  • Runways: Multiple runways capable of handling a range of aircraft sizes, from small jets to large passenger planes.

Fun Fact

Zvartnots International Airport was named after the nearby 7th-century Armenian cathedral ruins of Zvartnots, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Airlines and Destinations

Zvartnots International Airport serves as a hub for various airlines offering flights to major cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia, enhancing Armenia’s connectivity with the global aviation network.

Shirak Airport (LWN)


Shirak Airport, located near Gyumri, is Armenia’s second-largest international airport, serving the Shirak Province and nearby regions.

Facilities and Services

  • Terminals: Modern terminal building with facilities including check-in counters, cafes, and car rental services.
  • Runway: A single runway capable of accommodating various types of aircraft.

Fun Fact

Shirak Airport is named after the historical Shirak Province, known for its cultural heritage and traditional Armenian architecture.

Airlines and Destinations

Shirak Airport offers flights to several destinations in Russia, catering to the Armenian diaspora and facilitating economic ties between Armenia and Russia.

Artsakh Airport (Lachin)


Artsakh Airport, also known as Lachin Airport, serves the unrecognized Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic), facilitating regional flights to and from Yerevan.

Facilities and Services

  • Terminal: Basic terminal facilities with check-in counters and waiting areas.
  • Runway: A single runway primarily used for domestic flights within Armenia.

Fun Fact

Artsakh Airport plays a crucial role in connecting Yerevan with the Republic of Artsakh, supporting economic and cultural exchanges between the two regions.

Commonly Asked Questions

How far is Zvartnots International Airport from Yerevan city center?

Zvartnots International Airport is located approximately 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) west of Yerevan city center, making it easily accessible by taxi, shuttle, or private car.

What are the transportation options from Zvartnots International Airport to Yerevan?

Travelers can use taxis, airport shuttles, or car rentals available at Zvartnots International Airport for convenient transportation to Yerevan and other destinations in Armenia.

Are there any hotels near Zvartnots International Airport?

Several hotels are located near Zvartnots International Airport, offering convenient accommodations for travelers arriving or departing from Yerevan.

Does Zvartnots International Airport have facilities for disabled passengers?

Yes, Zvartnots International Airport provides facilities such as accessible restrooms, ramps, and designated parking spaces for disabled passengers, ensuring comfortable travel experiences.

How far is Shirak Airport from Gyumri city center?

Shirak Airport is located approximately 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) southwest of Gyumri city center, providing convenient access to the city and surrounding areas.

What are the public transportation options from Shirak Airport?

Travelers can use taxis or shuttle services available at Shirak Airport for transportation to Gyumri and other locations in the Shirak Province.

Are there car rental services available at Shirak Airport?

Yes, Shirak Airport offers car rental services, allowing travelers to explore Gyumri and the scenic landscapes of the Shirak Province at their convenience.

Is Artsakh Airport open to international flights?

Artsakh Airport primarily operates domestic flights within Armenia, connecting Yerevan with the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic).

How far is Artsakh Airport from Stepanakert city center?

Artsakh Airport is located approximately 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) northeast of Stepanakert city center, providing convenient access to the capital of the Republic of Artsakh.


Armenia’s airports are pivotal in facilitating domestic and international travel, supporting tourism, trade, and cultural exchanges. From the bustling Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan to regional hubs like Shirak Airport in Gyumri and Artsakh Airport in Stepanakert, each airport contributes uniquely to Armenia’s transportation infrastructure.

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