Friday Keeper #3

This week we celebrated Keeper LP's perfect pairing of the Leni Square Print Trousers with peep-toe heels and a luxuriously ruffled scoop neck top. The result: an outfit that seems to perfectly mirror the creative personality of its mistress (or more corectly...Mrs). So thank you Keeper [...]

Bamboo Blend

Ingredients: 1x Sayulita Electric Bamboo Tee 1x Leni Sqaure Print Trousers 1x Pair of Suede Moccasins Optional Frosting: 1 x People Tree Heart Bracelet 1x Charlie Pouch Recipe: Tuck the super fine tee into the comfort of the organic cotton waistband. Pull out[...]

ka·lei do·scop ic (k -l d -sk p k)

an optical toy for producing symmetrical patterns by multiple reflections in inclined mirrors enclosed in a tube. Loose pieces of coloured glass, paper, etc, are placed between transparent plates at the far end of the tube, which is rotated to change the pattern any complex pattern of f[...]

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