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The Makers Studio, Shadwell

Price £10

As life rolls by, season after season, we long for Summer and hope to endure the Winter.

As part of a weekend of workshops hosted by creative community BEZALEL, we’ve been invited to join a small panel of independent business owners and entrepreneurs in discussing the struggle winter brings, and how to embrace it.

Questions up for discussion will include – ‘What motivates us through difficult seasons?’, ‘How do we handle criticism?’, ‘Can work truly fulfil us?’, ‘Do we allow our own limitations, or those of our craft, to frustrate us, or to shape us?’

We all wrestle with these issues surrounding purpose, creativity and work, so let’s chat about it…

Each ticket comes with a glass of bubbly and entry to the interview.

Panelists include:
Christy Balfour weaves large rugs and wall-hangings from her south London studio.
Lizzie Evans is the owner of design shop SMUG and has recently launched a series of podcasts.

Christy Balfour

“I think as a culture we struggle to accept that we have limitations- that our bodies are frail, that our minds and emotions need tending to. My limitations might be a little more extreme than most people’s, but I’ve definitely felt the pressure to perform, and do better, and act like I’m capable of more than I am. But at the end of the day, we all have limits… “

Christy is going to be joining the panel to talk about how she stays inspired through the challenges of running a business and grappling with a serious hearing loss. 

Lizzie Evans

As the owner of SMUG, a renown design shop in Islington, Lizzie knows first hand what it’s like to run a business.  Not only does Lizzie design, source for and run the shop, but she continues to work on collaborations and personal design projects.

Lizzie recently launched ‘How To Curate Your Life- Work Life Balance for the Creative Entrepreneur.’ Her podcasts hit the i-tunes new and noteworthy the week of release.

What if we were to embrace our winter seasons, the challenges, tensions and disappointments? How do we persevere through failure or overcome practical obstacles? Do we allow the perceived limitations of our material or craft to discourage us, or do we allow them to inspire our creativity? 


BEZALEL is a collective of artists in all disciplines championing and enabling fellowship and excellence in creative culture. The community aims to give rise to a collective of artists who actively seek to encourage, resource and champion one another – believing that inclusivity, community and extravagant generosity from artists to artist will usher in a new and enduring bounty of creativity.