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What’s the True Meaning of Sustainability?
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What’s the True Meaning of Sustainability?

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From food to fashion, home to beauty, you can’t ignore that sustainability is today’s zeitgeist. But is it always so black and white?

Join us for an evening of lively discussion as we explore the grey areas surrounding the ideas and ideals of sustainability.


Topics up for discussion will include:

      – The implications of choosing organic further down the supply chain;

      – Whether the ideals of fair trade always play out on the ground;

      – Is aspiring to cleaner regimes, be it beauty, food or fashion, healthy;

      – Should we be choosing all-natural alternatives over synthetic products all the time;

      – What societal pressures are at play when it comes to what we wear/eat/and how we view ourselves;

    – Does sustainability inhibit diversity


Conversation will hopefully lead us to a better understanding of the nuances within the food/fashion/homeware and beauty industries – helping us all make more considered choices when it comes to what we buy.


Tuesday 16th October
7pm – 9pm
Downstairs at The Department Store | 248 Ferndale Road | SW9 8FR
Early Bird Tickets – £15
      Meet the Panel:
    Sophie-Garnier | Kalinko
    Sophie Garnier, founder of direct-to-maker homeware brand Kalinko, the first homewares brand from Burma. Sophie works directly with artisan villages around Burma to produce beautiful hand-made products for the home, that are made to last and treasure.
    Julius Roberts | Tell Tale Food
    Julius Roberts, Tell Tale Food. First generation farmer and restaurant trained cook, telling the tale of a life in the British countryside.

    Sophie Dunster, the wonderful designer behind one of our favourite brands Gung Ho – creating ethically responsible clothing that gets people talking through beautiful prints, and embroidered sweatshirts all locally made from 100% organic fabric. Raised on a zero carbon lifestyle, Sophie aims to create a bridge between design and the fundamental environmental issues that lie at the heart of contemporary culture.

    Khandiz Joni | A Novel Approach
    Khandiz Joni, founder and editor of UNTAINTED Magazine – A directional beauty platform pushing the boundaries of clean beauty. Khandiz is also one-half of creative direction duo, A Novel Approach, which champions brands that are affecting positive change for people and planet.
    Emilie Vanpoperinghe | Oddbox

    Emilie Vanpoperinghe, co-founder of Oddbox – London’s only social enterprise delivering wonky fruit and veg boxes to homes and offices.

    Ticket price includes a goody bag, and 20% discount from the hosts. You will also have the opportunity to try products, ask your burning sustainability questions and meet professionals across all four industries.