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Keep taking a city break | Berlin
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Keep taking a city break | Berlin

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Tags on the streets of Berlin. Photo: Samee Lapham

The ever-turning fashion wheel has been something of a shock to me since opening the store two years ago. Naive as it was, I had absolutely no idea how overwhelming it can be. Just as soon as one season draws to a close, than another is arriving on the doorstep whilst you’re out scouring far and wide for the collection to follow. But as much as I bemoan the pace of change, the buying is one of many perks of my job. Particularly as it means a trip to Europe, and so a chance to explore a new city whilst at the same time become inspired again.

This week Berlin was hosting fashion’s finest at three main trade shows — Premium, Seek and Ethical Fashion Show/Green Showroom. With such a large array of new and current talent, much of it sustainably minded, it seemed mad to miss out on a mini adventure to this wonderful city.

Despite it being the second time I’d visited Berlin, the independently creative nature of the city struck me anew and I’ve left not only inspired by my Autumn / Winter 2015 fashion finds, but also proud to be part of an international community of galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and independent boutiques fighting against the rising tide of high street homogeneity.

Two days isn’t nearly long enough to do Berlin’s indies justice, but here are just a few keepers we stumbled across whilst staying in a fantastic airbnb in the centre of Mitte.

It seemed mad to miss out on a mini adventure to this wonderful city.

Breakfast at Distrikt Coffee, Berlin. Photo: thecoffeevine
Berlin underground. Photo: @vispalberlin on Instagram
Potipoti, founded in 2005 between designers Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo, Berlin. Photo: Potipoti

Breakfast: Distrikt Coffee
Founded by ex biology and chemistry teacher Sophie Hardy, who took the plunge last year to open her own cafe in Bergstrasse.

Distrikt Coffee
Bergstraße 68
10155, Berlin

Shopping #1: Potipoti
Founded in 2005 by designers Silvia Salvador and Nando Cornejo, Potipoti bridges the gap between graphic design, art and fashion, whilst trying to maintain quality and sustainabiluty in their products. Collections are produced in small family businesses from Castilla y León (Spain) and Germany.

Rosenthaler Straße 66
10119 Berlin

Lunch at Lokal Restaurant. Photo: LostInCheeseland
Kauf dich Glücklich – Flagship store, Berlin. Photo: mystylespothunter

Lunch: Lokal
Lokal has an elegant basic interior and beautiful food sustainably sourced and locally foraged from the area surrounding Berlin. Be sure to book ahead, particularly if you go for dinner.

Linienstraße 160
10115 Berlin Mitte

Shopping #2: Upcycling Fashion Store
After working with London based brand From Somewhere, Carina returned to Berlin where she (and friends Luisa, Ari and Jon) decided to introduce residents of Mitte to the upcycling concept through the setting up their own independent shop and shirt label, Aluc. The Upcycling Fashion Store now acts as a platform to support innovative labels that share their same sustainable philosophy , stocking brands such as Globe Hope, Mija t Rosa and Milk (whilst also hosting great parties during Berlin Fashion Week!)

Upcycling Fashion Store
Anklamer Straße 17
10115 Berlin

Upcycling Fashion Store, Berlin. Photo: stylepuppe

Drinks: Hackbarth’s
Once a bakery in former GDR times, there is a sense of the old school about this unpretentious drinking hole in which everyone appears a regular.

Auguststraße 49A
10119 Berlin

Dinner: Creasian
Recommended by a friend quoting “the best sushi and crispy duck ever” this place did not disappoint for it’s creative approach to Asian food in an industrial setting.

Große Hamburger Straße 20

Creasian Asian Restaurant, Berlin. Photo: Creasian
Sushi at Creasian, Berlin. Photo: Quandoo
Enjoy lunch or dinner at Creasian. Photo: Samee Lapha