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Catherine Osborn

Catherine Osborn is a London based woven textile designer, and graduate of Central Saint Martins. Working from her home in Brixton, she designs scarves and blankets which are woven in Scotland, in a small family-run mill in the Borders. From the mill, the fabric is taken to a nearby finishers to be washed, raised and pressed, before being sent down to London.  Delivered on rolls, the scarves are then cut and labelled by hand. The softness of the scarves is achieved partly in the finishing, but also in the choice of yarn; a high-quality Merino Lambswool, sourced from a UK supplier. Manufacturing in the UK ensures a premium quality product thanks to the skill and expertise of our mills.  Most of the processes involved are centuries old and passed down through the generations; the resulting products will last for years to come. Catherine is proud to be making in the British Isles, and supporting the British Textile Industry.