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Liadain Aiken

Knitting is a family tradition in Liadain Aiken’s family, with each generation passing down skills to the next. A keen knitter from an early age it seems almost predestined that Liadain’s devotion to the craft would one day turn professional. Having studied Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of technology as well as Pattern Drafting at The Grafton Academy her interest in design ultimately led to a course at Knit1 Studio, Brighton allowing her to further her knitwear skills and to develop her creative potential.

Central to the core principles of the company is a strong sustainable ethos, which in turn informs the design philosophy, all items are of the highest quality with great attention to detail and made to last. The majority of the wool for LA products is traditionally spun merino from Donegal. Liadain’s timeless designs have a playful use of colour and are intended to bring joy to the wearer inspiring them to be treasured for a lifetime.