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10% of the worlds population are unable to access eyecare, yet a pair of prescription glasses are one of the most cost-effective poverty alleviating tools you can give someone. They empower the beneficiary to read, learn and work. In partnership with the charity Vision Aid Overseas, Pala unite the sale of a pair of our sunglasses to the giving of a pair of spectacles through direct grants into outreach projects. They have recently completed the creation of a vision centre in Muchinga, Zambia that serves a population of over 75,000, and work with three weaving communities in Bolgatanga, Ghana who make their unique cases from recycled plastic bags and waste. The plastic is washed, cut and twisted into yarn, then woven just like straw to form the unique case – a more sustainable solution for the weavers who would otherwise be limited to the seasonal availability of straw.

Pala’s British designed sunglasses are made from high quality materials, using custom made acetate for our frames and stainless steel for our metalwork. For fashion lovers who want to look good and do good!