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Thinking Mu

Born in Barcelona, Thinking Mu seeks to inspire an attitude and appreciation of positive thinking, respect, sustainability, friends and fascination for those details that make life meaningful. Collections are made from the finest 100% organic fibres whilst every step of the manufacturing process is considered to ensure a more mindful approach.

Each season the brand work with local artists, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers who share their attitude. This season includes the brisk drawings of Pol Montserrat. Pol is a Catalan illustrator who has worked for brands such as Marset and Odisseo. His thick outlines have given him his own style that is full of personality.

Exciting colours and geometric shapes also feature heavily thanks to the influence of Cocolia, a creative studio in Barcelona set up by Mireia Ruiz and Raúl Ramos. Their work spans graphic design, art direction, photography, and set design projects.