Cities and Towns in Washington County, Alabama

June 5, 2024

Washington County, located in southwestern Alabama, is rich in history and southern charm. This guide provides an in-depth look at the cities and towns in Washington County, highlighting their unique characteristics and notable facts.

Introduction to Washington County, Alabama

Washington County, established in 1800, is Alabama’s first county. It played a pivotal role in the state’s development and remains a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Known for its lush landscapes and historical sites, Washington County offers a blend of small-town hospitality and historical significance.

Cities and Towns in Washington County


Chatom is the county seat of Washington County and the largest town in the area. It serves as the central hub for government and commerce in the county.

Key Features:

  • Washington County Courthouse: A historic building and a center for county administration.
  • Education: Home to Washington County High School, providing education to the local youth.
  • Piney Woods Arts Festival: An annual event showcasing local arts and crafts.

Fun Fact

Chatom’s name is derived from the Chatom tribe, a Native American group that once inhabited the area.


McIntosh is a small town known for its industrial contributions, particularly in the chemical industry.

Key Features

  • Olin Corporation: A major employer in the area, providing jobs in the chemical manufacturing sector.
  • McIntosh Reserve: A popular spot for outdoor activities and nature enthusiasts.

Fun Fact

McIntosh is named after the McIntosh clan, a prominent family in early Alabama history.


Millry is a quaint town known for its tight-knit community and serene environment.

Key Features

  • Millry High School: A central institution for education and community events.
  • Hunting and Fishing: The town is popular for its excellent hunting and fishing spots.

Fun Fact:

Millry hosts an annual “Watermelon Festival” each summer, celebrating the local watermelon harvest with music, food, and games.

Saint Stephens

Saint Stephens is an unincorporated community with a rich historical background.

Key Features:

  • Old Saint Stephens Historical Park: A park preserving the original site of Alabama’s territorial capital.
  • Archaeological Sites: Various sites offering insights into the early settlements in Alabama.

Fun Fact:

Saint Stephens was once the capital of the Alabama Territory before it became a state.

Other Notable Communities

  • Fruitdale: Known for its agricultural contributions, particularly in fruit farming.
  • Tibbie: A small, unincorporated community recognized for its peaceful rural setting.
  • Deer Park: Features beautiful landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Washington County known for?

Washington County is known for its historical significance as Alabama’s first county, its lush landscapes, and its small-town charm.

What is the largest town in Washington County?

Chatom is the largest town and serves as the county seat of Washington County.

Are there any historical sites in Washington County?

Yes, Old Saint Stephens Historical Park is a notable historical site, preserving the remains of Alabama’s early territorial capital.

What outdoor activities are popular in Washington County?

Hunting, fishing, and nature exploration are popular activities, with numerous parks and reserves available for outdoor enthusiasts.

What is the history of Washington County, Alabama?

Washington County, established in 1800, is the oldest county in Alabama. It was named after President George Washington and played a significant role in the early development of the state. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes, and later became a pivotal region for settlers and traders. The county’s historical significance is highlighted by Old Saint Stephens, which served as the territorial capital of Alabama before statehood.

What is the county seat of Washington County, AL?

The county seat of Washington County, Alabama, is Chatom. It is the largest town in the county and serves as the central hub for government and administrative functions.

What is the largest county in Washington?

The largest county in the state of Washington by area is Okanogan County, which covers approximately 5,315 square miles.

How big is Washington County, Alabama?

Washington County, Alabama, covers an area of approximately 1,089 square miles, making it a region with a mix of historical sites, agricultural land, and natural beauty.

How many county governments are in Washington?

In the state of Washington, there are 39 county governments, each functioning independently to manage local affairs within their respective counties.

How many states have Washington counties?

There are 31 states in the United States that have a county named Washington, reflecting the widespread admiration for George Washington across the country.

What was the first county in Alabama?

The first county established in Alabama was Washington County, created in 1800 when the area was still part of the Mississippi Territory.

What is the largest county seat?

The largest county seat in Alabama, in terms of population, is Birmingham, which serves as the county seat of Jefferson County.

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