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Copenhagen City Notes | Nørrebro

11 February 2016

Known for its thongs of cyclists, lack of skyscrapers and no shortage of wonderful streets, each with their individual charm and distinct flavour, Copenhagen proved a huge inspiration with plenty of soul

With a handful of our favourite brands showing at Copenhagen Fashion Week, the opportunity to combine a buying trip with a chance to explore this compact Nordic city seemed foolish to ignore.

Time short as always, but armed with a long list of recommendations, the challenge was to fit it all in. To do so required a divide and conquer approach; honing in on the areas of Norrebro, Vesterbro and Christiania yet not even scratching the surface of any one of them.


Described by VisitCopenhagen as ‘vibrant, colourful, casual and young at heart’ this area felt oddly similar to Brixton with its multicultural mix and an influx of young locals.

Breakfast | Grød

The brainchild of two twenty something enrepreneurs, Grød (Danish for ‘porridge’) is set amongst organic delis and independent shops on Jægersborggade, a foodie haven of Nørrebro home to gastro hotspots of Relæ and Manfreds.

Formerly the poor mans gruel, our appetite for this hearty oat has grown in recent years thanks to health-conscious advocates of minimally processed grains and slow release energy sources.  Lately, restaurant trends have added a savory twist to the porridge story, reinventing it as an all-day brunch, lunch and dinner alternative.  Grod was one of the first to take this old tradition and give it the star treatment, paving the way for porridge-only hotspots such as 26 Grains here in London.

The porridge blends at Grod are traditional yet innovative, offering a selection of grains (spelt, rye and quinoa) whilst updating the menu every month or so.  Warm, hearty, and delicious, the breakfast toppings include a range of fruits (dried or fresh), compotes, nuts, spices and syrups.  More savory vegetable-laden daal-style dishes or risotto options are then available for lunch or dinner.

GRØD, Jægersborggade 50, Nørrebro


Turning from dodgy to hip in recent years the street of Jægersborggade was Coldharbour Lane in Danish form.

Shopping | Jægersborggade

Located between the Assistens cemetery and the Nørrebro Park, Jægersborggade is a small street in Nørrebro where quality and innovation go hand in hand.  Specialty shops are numerous, offering everything from food, coffee, wine, clothes and luxury items for body and soul.  Plus a handful of studios where designers, photographers, potters and artists create and sell their work.  Wandering down the street and it’s difficult to ignore a collective focus on the organic and the sustainable.  A few favourites included:

Number 4 

LadyFingers – Handmade unique jewelry and gifts

Designers include: Mette Juhl, Stefanie de Souza, Aurea Cifuentes & Kamilla Lønnberg.



Number 15

Tricotage – Sustainable fashion for women.

Designers Include: Tricotage, Maska, and Tweedmill.



Number 27

Keramiker Inge Vincents – Handmade porcelain.



Number 44

My Favourite Things – Organic products for skin and other luxury items.



Number 48

gågrøn! – Sustainable design for your home.


Number 50

Kaktus København – Denmark’s first concept store focusing on cacti and succulents


Coffee | The Coffee Collective

Specialising in a direct trade model based on the desire to ensure better living conditions for coffee farmers across the globe, The Coffee Collective is a must for any mindful caffeine addict!  Their unique purchasing approach offers the producer 25% more than the Fair Trade price; the premise being that by paying the right amount producers are incentivised to maintain and improve the quality of their product. The green beans are then roasted, in-house in Copenhagen.


As a result, a cup of their infamous Kenyan Karogoto doesn’t come cheap, but when you know they’ve paid 241% above market price for the beans, the taste is all the sweater.






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