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Keep asking questions… Can fashion be a truly meaningful experience?

28 April 2013

During the Craft of Use event in London last week, 200 professionals explored the questions surrounding what fashion would be like if it was more than an act of consumption with no meaning beyond the point of sale?

Behind the discussions was a new archive of 500 stories, collected by designers and artists around the world, in which an attention to wearing, tending and caring for clothes is is the primary source of satisfaction and meaning.

From my own persepctive, the clothes that have stayed with me over the years are those that have meaning attached. Either from owning them long enough that they’ve become access points into memories that may have otherwise been forgotten; from romantic imaginings about the lives they’ve shaped when belonging to others; or from coming to know the designers since setting up The Keep.


As yet, I’ve failed to learn the creative art of up-cycling my own clothes. However, seeing that this avenue is the ultimate in sustainable fashion, I’m really looking forward to showcasing award winning brand Goodone’s winter collection in a few months time.

Specialists in up-cycling, Goodone innovatively combines new British and sustainable fabrics with reclaimed textiles, developing a unique design method driven by the use of re-cycled fabrics.  For next season, The Keep will be stocking Goodone’s Aran bomber jackets made with 75% up-cycled wool, featuring up-cyled leather detailing and with a recycled polyester lining.

Thankfully, summer’s only just beggining and we’re a long way off having to reach for an Aran knit to stave off the arctic chills.  So in the meantime, I leave you to ruminate on how else we can improve the quality of our fashion experience without increasing the quantity we consume?

The Keep Boutique store front
Goodone’s Aran bomber jacket, made from upcycled wool and leather


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