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Keep Reads | Turning The Tide On Plastic

14 September 2018

When it comes to carving out a quiet moment to sit and read, there seem to be fewer minutes than ever before. Yet, conversely, it’s always noticeable how much more mental space reading creates when given the time of day. So with that in mind, plus the fact I have a growing stack of unread books that are steadily collecting dust, the only sensible solution was to start a Book Club.

Having never been part of one myself, the format will undoubtedly change and evolve as the months go by, but the rough plan is to run this as a physical club*, taking place every sixth Tuesday from 6.30pm. Federation Coffee have partnered with us, so we’ll have the run of their cafe, plus a fully stocked bar to feed your high-brow conversation (note ‘your’ rather than ‘my’). And for any bookish non-Brixtonites, you’ll also be able to join the conversation in the digital sphere, via twitter and instagram stories, where we’d love you to add your own opinions and thoughts using the hashtag #KeepReads.

The selection will always focus on books that align with our values, alternating between non-fiction and fiction, and ideally using each one as a vehicle for broader discussion, rather than following the traditional text-analysis approach.

Keep Reads | Turning the Tide on Plastic
Tuesday 23rd October
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Federation Coffee | Brixton Village | SW9 8PS
RSVP: Free to attend, although please send an email to: info@thekeepboutique.com to let us know you’re coming

ABOUT THE BOOK: Turning the Tide on Plastic is a vital tool in the battle against Planet Plastic, as journalist, broadcaster and eco lifestyle expert Lucy Siegle delves deep into the pandemic and converts awareness into action.

Having just started it myself, and found some of the statistics truly frightening, I can’t wait to hear how you get on with it, and whether you’ve found its had any immediate affect on your own plastic consumption. And in the meantime, we’ll be positing some of our own progress updates on social media as we move through the chapters and try to put awareness into action!

Tag us and share your own progress updates using the following:

*All who come/participate will receive 20% off in-store on the evening of the meeting.

The Keep

32/33 Brixton Village
Coldharbour Lane
London SW9 8PR
United Kingdom
Days and hours to keep

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