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Book Club

Our first Book Club gathering

24 October 2018

First off, thanks to those amazing individuals who gave up their evening for some inspiring chatter and a brew with us to talk all things plastic. What a wonderful evening with not only banana bread shared, but accessible tips and tricks for the everyday activist wanting to make a change in their own lives in reducing their carbon footprint and raising awareness of a really worthwhile read that is; Turning the Tide on Plastic. Although alarming and often unnerving, we cherry picked a couple of the key facts from the opening chapters that gave an overview of our current situation…

– While we go through a staggering 5 million tonnes of plastic a year in the UK, we only have the capacity to recycle around 350,000 tonnes a year which equates to only 7% of what we consume. As Lucy puts it, every day now is Overshoot Day as we are consuming in far greater quantity than we can cope with.

– More than 700,000 micro-plastic fibres are shed when while washing an acrylic garment which then go straight down the drain, into the sea and ingested by sea-life. Consequently, we then consume a variety of these fish. So indirectly, we’re actually eating our clothes!

However there’s hope yet, as Siegle remains optimistic and shares her own practical tips we can all follow to varying degrees to offset this impact we are having on our mothership, Earth. She has even devised a handy tracking sheet for you to record the plastic you come into contact with during an average week and assess what you can do to reduce, refuse and recycle efficiently.

We collectively agreed this to be a fantastic reference for those pursuing a low-waste lifestyle, be it as a newcomer to the movement or a seasoned eco-warrior; this book is for and relative to everybody. It maintained a positive spirit, echoed with charm and wit, not to be dimmed by the often depressing statistics; a real Bible for our times.

Amid our deep conversation, each of us shared a personal life-hack to manoeuvre our everyday lives a bit more mindfully. A shout-out to our fellow book clubbers for adding so much to our pot of collective wisdom. Here are a few clever recommendations:

– The award winning EcoEgg is a complete replacement for washing detergent. Just pop it in the drum of your washing machine filled with the innovative mineral pellets for an effective alternative to harsh chemicals and providing great results, naturally. Dermatologically tested and costing under 3p per wash, it lasts around 720 times over.

Beauty Kubes are a plastic free alternative to commercial, bottled washes. For various hair types, there are 27 Kubes in each box equivalent to a 250 – 300 ml bottles of conventional shampoo and most find they don’t have to use a separate conditioner afterwards. Simply crumble the Kube in the palm of your hand with a little water and voilà!

– Homemade oat milk, as it turns out, is a lot easier a DIY fix than we thought. All you’ll need is some oats of your choosing, water, a blender and a nut milk gauze cloth to strain. Just leave the oats and water overnight to mingle, blitz and strain through the cloth into a container for the fridge. You can then use the leftover oats in your morning porridge.

Who Gives a Crap creates 100% bamboo or recycled toilet roll minus the plastic packaging. With 50% of profits donated to help build toilets in third-world countries, these guys are pioneers of their field. Shop these delightful products in bulk and save some pennies and the environmental cost.

And thanks to a fantastic first meeting we’d like to introduce our November read… The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker [which came hight recommended by our independent friends over at John Sandoe Books].

An enthralling tale told through the eyes of the women swept up in battle at the time of the Trojan war, Barker goes beyond the typical backdrop of the savage conflict between men. She reimagines the most famous of all wars in literature, charting one woman’s journey through the chaos of the Greek encampment, as she struggles to free herself and to become the author of her own story.

The next meeting will be held on the 27th November at 6:30pm at Federation Coffee in Brixton Village. For those wanting to join the party, just send an email to info@thekeepboutique.com to get on the list. We look forward to seeing you all again soon!



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