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Our Sixth Birthday

13 March 2019

Two thousand one hundred and ninety days thinking about the origin and impact of what we stock

Join us on Saturday 16th March
for a glass of bubbles and some cake
to celebrate our Sixth Birthday
[It's an all day type of thing with 15% off our new collection.]

Six years since I quit my city job, entered the world of sustainable fashion, and opened our doors down here in Brixton Village. In so many ways it feels like yesterday, but then I think of all that’s happened since The Keep came into being, and the years suddenly seem like decades.

In reality, The Keep is more my home than a shop. It’s the place I pour my heart into, and by doing so, continue to encounter likeminded souls; have fascinating conversations; and make extraordinary friends. Having said that, it would be a total lie to say that everyday is the dream. My friends and family know only too well the inside track, bearing the brunt of some very extreme highs and deep lows. But so entwined have my life and The Keep become, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Not least because of what I’ve learnt about the fashion industry, the horrors of fast fashion, and the death of the high street. But also because I could never find anything else that would fill me up quite so much.

So with all the happy news of fashion brands going into administration, and the unknown excitement of Brexit floating in the ether… I would love nothing more than to celebrate with all you loyal friends, and to thank you for helping us survive the last two thousand, one hundred and ninety days.

Just so we know how much fizz to have on tap, a reply to info@thekeepboutique.com to let us know you might pop in would be wonderful.



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