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Pool Rules…

25 July 2018
Underprotection SS17 | Ciara Swimsuit
Auria London SS18 | Photo credit: The Guardian

As we slouch in stuffy offices, swelter on the tube and daydream of beach holidays fast-approaching, the question of swimwear is key.

The desire to be a conscious consumer drives us away from the usual, factory produced nylon swimsuits and adds more pressure to the pre-holiday shop.

Luckily we’ve put together a little edit of our favourite sustainable swimwear brands, look no further for eco-friendly beach chic…

Ashley Williams x Auria London

This UK based swimwear company sells swimsuits and bikinis made using yarn regenerated from discarded fishing nets and other Nylon waste. Auria’s playful swimsuits make cleaning up the ocean look impossibly cool.

Auria London SS17
Auria London SS17

Inspired by Savile Row tailoring, this men’s swimwear company exclusively creates beautifully crafted board shorts. They say it takes “roughly 20 small water bottles” to make each pair of their shorts, ensuring their customers are reducing beach waste with each purchase.

Riz Board Shorts SS18 | Blythe Bee Denim
Riz Board Shorts SS18 | Braunton Flower Paradise

This stylish Danish underwear company has branched into swimwear, working with fairtrade factories and using sustainable materials including milk (milk fiber textile is made from sour milk from the dairy industry) to make their feminine swimsuits entirely ethical.

Underprotection SS18 | Becca Swimsuit

Based on the North-West coast of England, Batoko specialises in bright, pop-print swimsuits made of vegan, chemical-free fabric (made from recycled polyester).

Image Credit: Batoka
Batoko SS18 | Cactus Swimsuit

All sisters
This Spanish swimwear brand work only with sustainable fabrics including recycled fishing nets, and produce their minimalist swimsuits from start to finish, in Barcelona.

All Sisters SS18 | Isometric Swimsuit

Ranging from chic cut-out bikinis, to quirky printed swimsuits, this selection of ethical brands ensures you can fully relax on holiday, happy in the knowledge that you’ve contributed to cleaning the oceans and supporting fair trade.

Sophie Lincoln | Keep Content Creator



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