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Our Brixton Design Trail round-up

26 September 2018

“London and Design go hand in hand. It is part of our story."
- Ben Evans, London Design Festival Director.

London Design Festival plays host to hundreds of designers who use this unique pedestal to tell their stories across a variety of mediums. Each borough presenting a selection of visionaries to showcase their work, with Brixton Design Trail being one corner of London bursting with diversity and new talent. We went to explore…

The Eco-Cube, Lambeth Town Hall

The Eco Cube at Lambeth town hall envisaged a world in which people consume differently, where resources are more efficiently used, and we take increased social, economic and environmental responsibility – leaving the world a cleaner place for future generations and businesses. Don’t we need this to be the case?

The cube urged consumers to rethink exactly what we’re consuming before we use it. On display were a range of designers with sustainability at their core, offering a showcase of co-existence with a specific spotlight on the talents of the Lambeth community. These included sustainable fashion designer Gung-Ho, home décor designer Hunted & Stuffed and furniture restoration by Jo Gibbs. All proving just how beautiful creations can be when achieved through ethical and sustainable means – often using upcycled or renewable materials.

Even the structure of the Eco Cube had been carefully considered: the wall panelling made from 43% recycled contents, the wood encasing to be donated to a joinery association, and Upcircle set to re-use the remaining material for future projects.

Mother Works at BDT Event Space

Mother Works photography exhibition was a celebration of the brilliant and sometimes bizarre duality of the lives of Brixton’s working mums. A well-documented round-up of those that hold up the economy with one hand and often a young child in the other. And whilst our world is abuzz with phenomenally independent and successful women navigating the tension between career and motherhood, this series focused the lens on those managing it right here in Brixton.

Photographer Fiona Freund was lucky enough to have her son on shoot, watched over by nanny-come-Vogue picture editor Mike Trow. Acknowledging that many mothers aren’t so fortunate, having to carry the emotional burden of leaving kids at childcare whilst managing the pressures of work, Freund’s work celebrates this double life. Honouring the achievement of mothers in general, whilst capturing the uniquely personal story behind each portrait. Each are lovingly pictured with their kids, set against the backdrop of their working world, be it the home, the classroom, the boardroom or the workshop.

Originally inspired by MP Sarah Olney’s 2017 International Women’s Day speech, the Mother Works exhibition is presented and produced by Mothers of Intention, a female-led creative collective working with innovators and entrepreneurs who value progress and gender equality.

Eli Popp wall mural, Pope's Road

Elli Popp’s murals cover the walls underneath the overground bridge with various bubble-shaped illustrations to depict her political stance. German-born, Popp holds a distinct interest in cosmic landscapes and of interplanetary travel. Mixing fantastical, other-worldly visuals with her concern for issues that range from Oil and Space Pollution through to the declining bee population – due in large to the heavy usage of pesticides and insecticides in agriculture – this series is as beautiful as it is impactful.

Charlie Clift photographs, Pop Brixton

And just a stone’s throw from Popp’s murals hang Charlie Clift’s ‘Portraits of Brixton‘ – an exhibition that documents the diversity and soul that co-exist in the area. “It’s the characterful people of the community that I wanted to capture,” explains well-renowned photographer Charlie Clift whose clients include BAFTA, the BBC and The Sunday Times Magazine. 

Our Statement Jewellery Masterclass led by By These Fair Hands and held at Federation Coffee

Last but not least, thanks to all of you who came to our Statement Jewellery Masterclass last Thursday, led by Emma of By These Fair Hands. It was a wonderful evening and quite phenomenal to see so many talented jewellery designers in the making. And if you weren’t able to make it, but would love to come to the next, then do sign up to our newsletter – there’s a whole host of events from now until Christmas.



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