Algeria Major Trade Partners

May 20, 2024

Introduction to Algeria’s Trade Dynamics

Algeria’s strategic location in North Africa and its abundant natural resources, particularly hydrocarbons, make it a significant player in international trade. The country’s trade partnerships are crucial for its economic stability and growth, influencing various sectors including energy, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Key Trade Partners of Algeria

European Union


France is one of Algeria’s most significant trade partners, with a relationship rooted in historical, economic, and cultural ties. France imports a considerable amount of Algeria’s hydrocarbons and exports machinery, food products, and pharmaceuticals to Algeria.


Italy stands as another major European partner, primarily importing natural gas and petroleum from Algeria. The bilateral trade relationship is further strengthened by Italy’s export of industrial equipment and technology to Algeria.


Spain relies heavily on Algeria for its energy needs, particularly natural gas. The trade relationship also includes the exchange of agricultural products, textiles, and chemicals.


China has emerged as a crucial trade partner for Algeria, especially in the realms of infrastructure and construction. Chinese companies have been heavily involved in developing Algeria’s infrastructure, and China imports a significant portion of Algeria’s hydrocarbons.

United States

The United States maintains a robust trade relationship with Algeria, mainly centered around the energy sector. The U.S. imports Algerian oil and natural gas while exporting machinery, agricultural products, and technology.

Middle Eastern Countries

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Algeria share a strong trade relationship, particularly in the energy sector. Algeria exports hydrocarbons to Saudi Arabia, and in return, imports various goods including petrochemicals and machinery.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is another key trade partner in the Middle East, engaging in significant investment in Algeria’s infrastructure and real estate sectors. The UAE imports Algerian energy products and exports a range of consumer goods and electronics.

African Countries


Tunisia and Algeria enjoy a close trade relationship, facilitated by geographical proximity. The trade mainly involves agricultural products, manufactured goods, and energy resources.


Despite political tensions, Morocco remains an important trade partner for Algeria. The trade between these two countries includes agricultural products, textiles, and machinery.

Fun Facts About Algeria’s Trade

  • Largest Natural Gas Exporter: Algeria is one of the top natural gas exporters in the world, with significant pipelines connecting it to Europe.
  • Rich Cultural Exchange: Trade relationships often foster cultural exchanges, evident in the culinary influences between Algeria and its trade partners, such as the shared love for couscous with France and Italy.

Commonly Asked Questions

Who are Algeria’s biggest trade partners?

Algeria’s biggest trade partners include the European Union (particularly France, Italy, and Spain), China, the United States, and several Middle Eastern and African countries.

What are the main exports of Algeria?

The main exports of Algeria are hydrocarbons, including natural gas and petroleum. Other exports include agricultural products and minerals.

How does Algeria benefit from its trade partnerships?

Algeria benefits from its trade partnerships through increased foreign exchange earnings, economic growth, infrastructure development, and access to diverse goods and services.

What are Algeria’s main imports?

Algeria’s main imports include machinery, foodstuffs, chemicals, and consumer goods.

How has China’s role in Algeria’s trade evolved?

China’s role in Algeria’s trade has significantly evolved, with increased investment in infrastructure projects and a growing import-export relationship, particularly in hydrocarbons and manufactured goods.

Who is Algeria’s biggest trade partner?

Algeria’s biggest trade partner is the European Union, with significant trade relationships with countries such as France, Italy, and Spain.

Does Algeria trade with other countries?

Yes, Algeria engages in trade with numerous countries across the world, including China, the United States, Middle Eastern nations, and other African countries.

What does Algeria export the most?

Algeria exports hydrocarbons the most, including natural gas and petroleum.

What are the top 3 imports of Algeria?

The top three imports of Algeria are machinery, foodstuffs, and chemicals.

What does Algeria import from India?

Algeria imports various products from India, including pharmaceuticals, machinery, textiles, and food products.

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