Where is Antigua and Barbuda Located?

January 10, 2024
Where is Antigua and Barbuda Located

Introduction to Antigua and Barbuda’s Location

Antigua and Barbuda, a twin-island nation in the Caribbean, boast stunning beaches and rich cultural heritage. In this guide, we delve into the geographical location of Antigua and Barbuda, exploring their coordinates, neighboring countries, and unique characteristics.

Geographic Coordinates

Antigua and Barbuda are situated in the Eastern Caribbean, with the following coordinates:

  • Latitude: 17.0608° N
  • Longitude: 61.7964° W

Neighboring Countries

Antigua and Barbuda’s nearest neighbors include:

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis: Located to the west, forming part of the Leeward Islands.
  • Saint Barthelemy: To the southwest, a French overseas territory in the Caribbean.
  • Saint Martin/Sint Maarten: To the southwest, a shared island between France and the Netherlands.

Geographical Features

Antigua and Barbuda are characterized by:

  • Coral Reefs: The islands boast vibrant coral reefs, making them popular for snorkeling and diving.
  • White Sandy Beaches: Antigua is renowned for its 365 beaches, offering visitors a different beach for every day of the year.

Fun and Interesting Facts

  • Antigua and Barbuda were named by Christopher Columbus in 1493, and their names mean “ancient” and “bearded” in Spanish, respectively.
  • The islands have a passion for cricket, and the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua is a significant venue for international matches.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Antigua and Barbuda part of the Caribbean?

Yes, Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Caribbean region, specifically in the Leeward Islands.

How far are Antigua and Barbuda from the United States?

Antigua is approximately 1,600 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, making it easily accessible for travelers from the United States.

Can I visit both Antigua and Barbuda on the same trip?

Yes, Antigua and Barbuda are neighboring islands, and it’s common for visitors to explore both during their trip, enjoying the unique offerings each island provides.


Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda captivate travelers with their breathtaking beauty and cultural allure. Understanding their geographical location enhances the appreciation for these islands as idyllic destinations with a rich history and vibrant landscapes.

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